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Комплект мебели - Hawaii (Coffee) Set Rattan furniture
Комплект мебели - Hawaii (Coffee) Set Rattan furniture
269.00 EUR
  00371294 40 073


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We are offer our clients large collection of mouldings: wooden, plastic and aluminium.

Wooden moulding

is represented by 8 factories from Italy and Spain. 

Thanks to such quantity of suppliers we can satisfy most exacting requests of our clients. In our collection are represented about 700 samples of wooden mouldings. From classic to modern.

Plastic moulding

in our collection is represented by companies from South Korea, China and England. 

Company Emafyl does not need special advertising, it is well known and long time ago is represented at european moulding market.
Plastic moulding collection consists of more than 400 examples.


Aluminium moulding 

of spanish production.

Company is not seeking to make cheaper its production by all means.
Moulding of this company is distinguished by high quality: all profiles are thick-walled, only quality raw materials are used, homogeneous finishing is endurant to mechanical damages. Only one sort of fixing system (8 corner elements) is used for all profiles, which guarantees firm join. Company Spectra guarantees quality production, we offer best price.


we have about 400 samples of matboard, different series

We are glad to offer our clients matboard of several companies such as: Daler&Rowney, Moorman Karton, Caneva and Whitecore.
Company Daler&Rowney has a rich more than 200 years history and is famous all over the world as an artists' production manufacturer.
Moorman Karton is also company with traditions and is known as manufacturer of backboard, matboard and other paper production.

Regular stock offer  

In our stock we have samples of moulding, different series:




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